Services & Fees


The help I offer allows you to maximise the effectiveness of your communication with your horse or pony, an aspect of horsemanship which frequently gets lost in the business of riding, grooming, tacking up and mucking out!

The result is a closer, more enjoyable and safer partnership in which typically the challenging horse learns respect and the anxious horse gains confidence. This partnership will feed into everything you do together, and you will probably find small difficulties such as your horse nipping, pulling on the way to the field or being impatient while standing will melt away.

This improved partnership is also the foundation for tackling larger problems like napping, fear of clippers or reluctance to be caught or to load, for which I can offer specific help.

I will come to your yard, where no special facilities are necessary beyond a safe, preferably enclosed area with good footing in which to work. A manege or indoor school is ideal, but a small paddock or turn-out area is also fine. If four or five ground poles and some cones or buckets can be made available, that would be very helpful.


£36 per hour plus travel*

A first session usually lasts 2 hours.

It begins with an assessment followed by discussion of how to move forward, after which we will begin putting into practice the principles of effective communication and problem-solving through halter-work. If a specific problem is involved, relevant remedial training will begin.

Subsequent sessions .....

If further sessions are arranged they are usually shorter. Remedial training for specific problems will continue, or if no particular issues are involved then sessions can cover advanced halter-work, long-lining for communication and confidence, nuisance training for safety, and ridden issues.

Half a day short course ..... £110 plus travel*

Four hours to explore the way your horse sees the world and how to become his trusted leader. A flexible structure can include practical halter-work, long-lining and nuisance training as well as plenty of opportunity to ask those questions: Do you know why… or I’ve noticed that… Ridden work can be included if requested. Please note that this course is of a general nature and is not intended to address specific remedial training issues.

Half a day shared!..... £110 plus travel*

Much the same, but for two friends either sharing one horse or each with their own.

Two-hour clinic (see separate page) ..... £70 plus travel*
Lecture..... £50 plus travel*

If a client is under sixteen years of age, a responsible adult must be in attendance during the whole of my visit.



Travel is charged at 45p per mile round trip from West Woodburn NE48 2SB.

I cover a very large area including clients as far afield as Edinburgh, Ayr, Carlisle, Berwick and York. I am sure it is understood that a session needs to be proportionate to the time taken travelling there and back again.  If you are beyond 40 miles’ drive of West Woodburn, please email or call me.

Please note that if two sessions are arranged consecutively at the same venue, travel costs can be shared between clients.


Telephone service for remote clients ……. £30

For clients who are too far away for a visit, I offer a remote service. You will send me detailed information, perhaps including video footage, and we will arrange a telephone call lasting approximately one hour during which I will give you advice fine-tuned to your specific case