I offer the opportunity for pupils of all ages to collaborate with a professional textile artist in designing wall hangings for their school.  The service operates as follows:

    I shall visit the school and spend roughly 30 minutes with each class. During this session I shall talk about the development of art textiles from the necessities of prolonging the life of cloth in centuries before mechanisation (layering worn fabric, patchwork, patching holes etc) through to current times when new fabric is bought purely to cut up and sew back together for decorative effect.  The children will be able to handle samples of these techniques.  I shall then go on to show some of my own exhibition work, all with child-friendly subject matter.  This will include samples for them to examine and handle in order to understand the construction process.  Questions are welcome!

    Without me, the class will choose a theme and produce images to help me design the hanging.  These images will then be posted or scanned and emailed to me.

    I shall design and make the wall hangings using inspiration from the children’s images but not copying them.  While I shall strive to incorporate details of the children’s work as much as possible, my focus will be on producing a wall hanging that is true to the set theme and is attractive in design terms. The hangings will be made using reactive-dye digital printing and free-motion machine quilting on cotton, with wadding and backing layers and the edges bound. Each hanging will be fitted with either a batten sleeve or Velcro for hanging as the school sees fit; I can give advice on these hanging methods if required.

    When the hanging or hangings are finished, I shall return to the school to deliver them.


Hanging or banner, rectangular or square, up to 0.5 square metres in area: £350
Hanging or banner, rectangular or square, up to 1.0 square metr in area: £450

This fee is inclusive of time spent in school and all materials.  No charge is made for two visits (meeting the children and delivering the finished hangings) within 50 miles’ driving radius of NE48 2SB.




Textile Hangings for Schools